Terrill Welch


Canadian West Coast | Terrill Welch

May 2022 - December 2022

This specific online exclusive show has been selectively curated to provide an immersive southwest coast experience through the eyes of landscape painter Terrill Welch.

In 2021, Terrill Welch released 28 new paintings and sold 44 from her available inventory and by commission. This trajectory has been steadily building since she began painting full-time in 2010. If you are passionate about contemporary landscape painting, Terrill is an artist you will want to follow and consider adding to your art collection.

Terrill Welch’s paintings are internationally collected. Her oil paintings and acrylic painting sketches have been shown in public and commercial spaces since the late 1990’s.

Terrill Welch has lived on Mayne Island in British Columbia, Canada since 2007 and her work is in private collections that also include such renowned Canadian landscape painters as Emily Carr, A.Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris.

Born in the village of Vanderhoof in north-central British Columbia, Terrill Welch was invited into an adult painting class when she was fourteen years old. Terrill Welch has taken many college-level courses in drawing and painting. For several years, she taught the art of oil painting from life in natural light, using water mixable or walnut oil paints.

The spirited southwest coast of Canada moves with rhythmic power and ease under Terrill Welch’s brushstrokes. There is a sensory intimacy between the painter and the southwest coast’s unique trees, sandstone shores, open ocean beaches and historic landmarks. Viewers of Terrill’s oil and acrylic contemporary landscape paintings feel as if they know these places, even if they have only visited through her paintings.

Infinite Impermanence by Terrill Welch
Arbutus Tree Reaching by Terrill Welch
Morning With Arbutus Trees by Terrill Welch
Arbutus Tree in Breaking Sun by Terrill Welch
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