Summit County Public Art

The Train of Wonders

"The Train of Wonders" art piano is one part piano, one part vintage toy train. The assemblage was constructed entirely from found objects by the wife and wife team Sally and Jes Neilson-Berg. Along with working as a functional piano, available for the public to play, other moving part of the train-piano include a pump-able lever under the conductors box, two wheels that spin, a key that can be turned in a lock, and a switch box with knobs that manipulate numbers in a control area. The subject reflects the significance of the train in the history of Summit County. The Summit County Railways between Coalville and Echo moved valuable Coalville coal to the Park City mines during the mining era from the 1860's to the 1980's.

The piano was unveiled at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Coalville, UT and coincided with the traveling exhibit on load from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums "Through Toil & Labor: the forgotten history of Utah's Chinese railroad workers, which showcased the significant involvement of the Chinese workforce who helped build the Transcontinental Railroad.

Art Pianos for All, founded by local photographer and artist Mark Mazierz, seeks to bring back the piano as a centerpiece of music, community, art, and fun by placing artist decorated pianos in public areas for all to play. An annual pop-up concert series utilizing the pianos began in 2019 and features professional Utah orchestra members playing the pianos on site.

Train of Wonders is located in the entry hallway of the Ledges Event Center of the Summit County Fairgrounds.

  • Created: 2018
  • Current Location: Ledges Event Center - Summit County Fairgrounds (google map)
  • Collections: Art Pianos
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