Ancient Pod, Resting

  • Gourd, pyrography, brass alloy gilding. Home-tanned deerskin hide, bitumen stain.
  • 11 x 29 x 23 in
  • Serena Kovalosky
  • Not For Sale

"Ancient Pod, Resting" explores the element of earth at the beginning of time. Biomorphic designs hint at the early stages of evolution. As with all periods of great change, there is often a "resting" phase. Interestingly, this Ancient Pod is resting on a deer hide - a precursor to the evolution of animals that will soon populate our planet. Earth as we know it is still a dream.

The brass gilding in this piece is an alloy that will age over many years. The effect is intentional to reflect the passage of time in nature.

This piece was later reworked. In 2011 it became "Dancing Vine / Nature's Misfit."

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