O.V. Brantley

Grateful For Another Happy Day #7

  • Fabric
  • 34 x 31 in
  • $300.00
  • O.V. Brantley

I try to keep gratitude at the fore front of my life. I even keep a gratitude journal just to make sure I never forget to be grateful for all things big and small. It is life changing.

I often incorporate the word gratitude in my quilts, but now I have created a whole series focused on gratitude. The series is "Grateful For Another Happy Day", and there are 7 quilts in this series. Each of the quilts starts with a panel of a beautiful, joyful African woman by Julia Cairns.

"Grateful For Another Happy Day #7" is the last quilt in the series so I feel productive having reached my goal. 😁 It measures 31x34 inches. The dominant colors are blue, yellow and orange in a mixture of batiks and African fabrics. It is pieced and quilted on my machine.

  • Subject Matter: African
  • Created: January 15 2018
  • Collections: For Sale, African
Grateful For Another Happy Day #7
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