Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation

Tires & Spokes

  • Steel & Recycled Bicycle Parts
  • 38 x 37 x 28 in
  • Sean Mueller

The interactive and kinetic sculpture titled "Tires & Spokes" is the collaborative effort of Sean Mueller and Jarod Charzewski. The sculpture is meant to inspire the playful nature of invention and movement through recycling bicycle parts. Viewers can interact with the sculpture spinning each of the tires and enjoying the kaleidoscope effect while looking through the spinning spokes.
Purchased by long-time Northglenn resident and extraordinary volunteer, Steve Austin, and donated to the City on behalf of the Northglenn Bike Program. Steve is part of the City's Bicycle Repair program that takes old bikes, fixes them up and then gives the to children and others that might not otherwise have a bike Each year they give away 350 to 500 bicycles and this piece is dedicated to that program.

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