Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation

"Salvere" is Latin for "to be saved". This sculpture is constructed out of "saved" or reclaimed barbed-wire and scrap metal. (Note: all surface barbs have been cut off so none are exposed) This is a life sized sculpture of a Belgium draft horse with a full set of metal harnesses on him. He represents a hard working individual that endures everyday responsibilities as depicted by his cumbersome harness. He's a majestic work of art that draws people in as they marvel from the fact he's made out of barbed-wire yet still draws them in rather than repels them as they've always been conditioned to do with barbed-wire.

The NAHF decided to purchase both "Salvere" and its companion sculpture, connecting them together with a hitch between them. This created the final sculpture, "The Salvere Hitch," which was then installed at the bus roundabout at the new RTD N-Line station in Northglenn.

  • Subject Matter: Two horses hitched together
  • Created: c. 2019
  • Current Location: RTD N Line, Northglenn/112th Ave Station
  • Collections: Art on Parade People's Choice
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