Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation

The Potato Man

Susan Geissler, artist, says of "The Potato Man" - "I frequently enjoy dealing with peasant subjects - particularly older ones - whose wrinkles and creases tell stories of lives well-lived. Developing a character, of course, is a very personal experience, and one of my goals is to attempt to capture a moment that will cause a viewer to participate with the sculpture. That goal stays in place all the way down the line ... throughout the process ... until I reach that sweet spot in my gut that tells me "it's finished." In the case of The Potato Man, he has proven to be somewhat of an "everyman," in the sense that people who have observed him at various times have suggested that his lineage must be Northern European, Irish, Moroccan, and in one case, even Chinese! The answer, of course, is that he is whomever - and from wherever - you want him to be."
There is also a "The Potato Man" located in the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, CO.

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