Marcella Hayes Muhammad

Maruvian Cultural Legacy

  • Oil On Canvas
  • 24 x 30 x 1.5 in
  • $1,500.00
  • Marcella Hayes Muhammad

There are three masks representing Africa, America, and India that are blending in abstraction gathering the elements of femininity and culture. I have added elements of music, instruments and cultural elements to balance the piece. The legacy of music and creative arts is rendered in this Plastic Space abstraction highlighting the importance of music to the relationship of other cultural arts like sculpture, textiles, and science swirling together into a moving breathing entity. I did a lot of research on ancient African musical instruments to gather images that work within my musical paintings. I have also done extensive research of masks from around the world to abstract and add to my paintings. By sketching out the idea with graphite on paper, I work the design until it has balance and interest. Sometimes this process can take weeks or months until I feel ready to paint. Then I transfer it to canvas where I begin to add color with oils. This is the challenging part and often it takes a life of it's own and can go beyond the original sketch. This process takes time and concentration to complete and can last weeks, months, or in some cases, years. The final product can be a rewarding surprise.

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