Encaustic | Watercolour

These works have a watercolour created first and then the encaustic over top. The majority of Linnea’s art is in the ancient and re-emerging medium of Encaustic; beeswax, resin and oil paint pigment worked in a molten state. The flow and substance of encaustics, the glow and translucence of suspended pigment continue to intrigue her. The physical process that is required from encaustic is much a part of Linnea’s work as the end result. Linnea’s work is in the form of abstract landscapes and snapshots of details in nature. Carefully building layers of depth with slight sodalities. Influenced with encaustic artists like Alicia Tormay’s incredible use of shellac burns and Robin Luciano’s translucent paintings, both using nature to inspire and transpire encaustic into amazing works of art. Natures unseen vibrations and energy bring Linnea to her canvas. She doesn’t necessarily always ponder what is happening above ground but below, seismic happenings! Reflecting on space, time, relationships, interactions between people and energy. Linnea’s intention is to spark personal recollections in the viewer from a unconventional perspective using colour, sculptural textures and surface transitions….Carefully building layers of depth with transitions of slight sodalities this work will change every time you study it. Linnea’s work has been selected to be on a cover of a local Art Newspaper, can be seen at shows like Art Calgary, selected for group shows and has a constant showing a juried group shows.
Lazy Susan
Mush Series
Delayed Dinner