Material Girl

  • fabric, lace, beads, thread, image tranfer to acrylic medium, document tranfer to fabric
  • $4,500.00
  • Lea McComas

Material Girl: surrounded by luxury, buried in debt, and still looking for the next shiny thing. This work addresses the true beauty that comes from who we are, rather than what we hide behind or inside. It speaks to materialism in excess, the insatiable desire for the latest and most fashionable objects that will soon be “so last season,” and the danger of putting one’s self and family at financial risk in the pursuit of transient signs of status and wealth. The wallpaper, incorporating images from fashion magazines, represents the influence of advertising on our values and spending habits, while notices of foreclosure, repossession, and nonsufficient funds are crumpled and tossed away. This piece is made from recycled clothing and remnants from the floor of a formalwear clothing designer.

  • Subject Matter: Social Commentary
  • Created: November 2013
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