Panning for Gold

  • fabric, thread
  • 39 x 31 in
  • $3,600.00
  • Lea McComas

Inspired by a historical photo of a gold miner working the river, this quilt was created using fabric collage and thread painting techniques.. It embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of those who settled the West in search of a better life. This piece began with a fused fabric base. The fabric layers of the figure were cut out in great detail, helping to create a more lifelike rendering of the prospector. The complexity of the individual pieces of fabric is still visible in the sleeves and back of the shirt. Thread-painting of the figure adds additional depth and detail. In contrast, the fabric layers and stitching in the background are more obscure and simply hint at the scenery beyond. The intense stitching of this piece threw off the timing of my sewing machine, and took it off-line for several weeks. Like the miner, I was undaunted and overcame adversity to achieve my goal and finish this piece.

  • Subject Matter: genre
  • Created: August 2013
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