Crossing Over

  • Fabric, thread
  • 62 x 83 in
  • $11,000.00
  • Lea McComas

Crossing Over speaks to the subjugation of one culture by another. The horses and rifle indicate items of European culture that have already supplanted traditional elements of the Native American peoples. The Sentinel, on the left, stands proudly defiant, while the Rear Guard, on the right, represents the inevitable yielding to a stronger force. Crossing the river, to place a protective barrier that might isolate oneself and impede one’s foe, proves to be an act of resistance that is inadequate. The viewer, standing in place of that force, is likely unaware of the true value of what is being lost.

Winner of Judge's Choice Award, "Pathfinders exhibition", Southern Utah Museum of Art, 2017

  • Subject Matter: Western History
  • Created: May 2015
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