Cooprider Family Collection

HECTOR VEX 288 "Home Sweet Home" by Robin Bright

  • Steel
  • 13.25 x 18.25 in
    (33.66 x 46.36 cm)
  • $4,000.00
  • Robin Bright

Collection: California Artists x

13 individual metal letters hand cut from steel and delicately and invisibly welded together. At the four corners of each letter there is a sharp foot to press the letter into the wall. This artwork "Home Sweet Home" is part of Artist Robin Brights Hector Vex series, Number 288. Robin makes use of both positive and negative space to form the letters.

In the words of Robert Pincus, U-T San Diego Art Critic:

"In the 1980s and 1990s, he exhibited regularly at either of two La Jolla galleries: #Quint or Thomas Babeor, earning admiration from critics and collectors alike. His work also garnered attention in Los Angeles with the late Burnett Miller and his space on La Brea. But in the last decade or so, his solo shows have been in non-commercial spaces, such as the Taylor Library in Pacific Beach in 2008, where he exhibited a vibrant series of intricately patterned brightly colored wall compositions in plaster." Robert_Pincus_on_Robin_Bright_2016

The Coopriders saw Robin Bright regularly at exhibitions, social gallery events, and community art events. Mark Quint and the Thomas Babeor galleries represented Robin at the time. "HOME SWEET HOME" by Robin still graces Patti and Coop's walls. Robin Bright assisted the Coopriders in curation of 135 works for the "Collector's Choice" Gala and Exhibition held at the "Paladion" in San Diego in 1994. See the Burl Stiff S-D Union Tribune article in the image under main artwork.


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