In te Domine speravi non confundar in aeternum

  • 25.75 x 22.25 in

Framed textile fragment with embroidered lettering and Sacred Heart of Jesus (gold) and Mary (silver). Embroidered initials "SL" and "EM" in bottom-center. Turkish style use of metal plate, with essing of cut purls in the initials. The style engages three types of plate not usually seen; uneven tarnishing on leaf veins.
Liturgical Text is Ps 31: 1 (Ps 71:1), "In You, Lord, I have trusted (take refuge), let me not be confounded in eternity (lit.)/""let me never be put to shame (confusion)."
Though associated with Freemasonry, the “Eye of Providence” set in a triangle is a Christian symbol depicting the ever-watchful eye of the Triune God. It was not adopted by Freemasonry until 1791. The two styles can usually be distinguished because of the semi-circular rays beneath the Masonic symbol.
Note on back says: "'Information written on back: Msr. Andre Schaack; Bruxelles; Rue Joseph II No. 100'"

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