Chasuble - "In Cruce Salus"

  • 43.5 x 25.5 in

Fiddleback chasuble with "Memento Mori" symbols. The orphrey contains a satin brooch in a shade of gray, with embroidered arrangement of profane symbols of death: the skull, the scythe, the hourglass wing, and weeping willow, surrounding the cross monogram IHS and adorned with the crown of thorns.

According to an auction catalog held by Blackfriars Library containing an image of an identical textile (see No. 30 in Collection Florand - paramentique & beatilles; Drouot--Richelieu, 7Nov 2000), this chasuble can be dated and attributed to the "Archivel Aine house," based on the identification of a similar piece of the Musee des Tissus de Lyon (Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts, Lyon, France).

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