Andrea L Edmundson

Let It Go

  • Glass & found items on MDF
  • 24 x 16 x 1 in
  • Andrea L Edmundson
  • Sold

I have a hard time 'letting go' sometimes because I always think there is a REASON behind everything, even if I don't completely understand it. But I am driven by LOGIC and thus, I try to understand things such as:

When someone dislikes - or even hates - you or something else for no (obvious) reason they are willing to explain or that you can figure out, it's like digging through a trash pit of dark, sharp objects. It hurts mentally and even physically. It's difficult to accept that I may never put those pieces together. Why do I perceive some things so differently than someone else, whether it's an event, a slight, or even politics. How do you let it go?

This piece reflects how my head feels in these situations - like a painful explosion. The right side of the face (my left) in the mosaic is neat and fairly orderly - things that make sense. But, as you move to the other side, the elements are shattered - things that will never make sense to me. I need to let that part go. But it's all painful, as illustrated by the sharp objects - and my tears - in the mosaic. And the knife in my mouth - I want to say hurtful things but it's no use; I need to let it go.

Steel frame by metal artist Victor Quiros.

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