Andrea L Edmundson

My Tree Family

  • Glass & found items on MDF
  • 9.5 x 18 x 7 in
  • Andrea L Edmundson
  • Sold

I love all types of holiday bling, in all colors but especially sparkly pieces. I first mosaicked "My Tree Friend" and then I created a brother and a sister. These are stylistic mosaics using traditional holiday colors that light up the room. Finally! The tree family is together. Each tree can be hung individually (see images of backs) but for this piece, all 3 are mounted together on a stand made by metal artist, Victor Quiros. The widest part is 6", height is 9.5" and length is 18".

I do prefer to wish people "Happy Holidays" out of respect for all cultural holidays this time of year. You can visit my blog to see how "My Tree Friend," was made.:

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