Andrea L Edmundson

Bird Landia (bird house)

  • Glass & pottery on MDF
  • 9 x 16 x 9 in
  • NFS
  • Andrea L Edmundson

I hired Pam - machinist/artist - to show me how to (safely) use all my tools and equipment. I had recently received a grant for a new band saw, so that was my primary focus. We created a bird house so I could use all the features of the band saw, plus many of the other hand tools in my studio. The result was this mid-century mod hippy bird house! I used re-purposed mosaic glass, scraps from a tile manufacturer, and metal samples from a sales rep. You can see the entire process on my blog. I had a great time, too, learning with Pam! The metal pole-mounted stand was made by metal artist Victor Quiros. Right now, it's in my backyard. If someone REALLY wants to buy it, hit the "Inquire" button and I may consider it. :-)

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