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April 7, 2024

Soma Summer

  • Submission Deadline: April 7, 2024
  • Entry Fee: Tuition is $38,500 Mexican Pesos and covers all academic expenses . However, it does not include accommodation, per diem, or transportation. The payment must be made in Mexican pesos (daily exchange rates applying). Tuition can be paid in three installments during May, June, and July. $2,500 USD is a reasonable budget for a three-week stay in Mexico City – including housing, food, recreation, and daily commute. Limited financial aid is available for candidates with significant financial need. Please contact us for more information.
  • Award Info: The three week program includes two seminars, five master classes, several collective working sessions, and five field visits. As part of the latter we will be talking a walk following the perimeter of the ancient City of Tenochtitlan, visiting the National Museum of Anthropology, and going to a chinampa still devoted to agricultural production in Xochimilco. We will also visit the National Park La Marquesa - where we will follow water sources to be able to trace the connections between the environment, society, and ancestral cultures-, as well as the Colectivo de Cine Yerbabuena, a grassroots project in the periphery of Mexico City working on community filmmaking. In our sessions we will explore relationships between intellectual and embodied experiences, engage in consensus building exercises, and explore the ways in which individuals and collectives interact with each other. All these discussions on the plasticity of social configurations and expanded creative pedagogies will be framed by Mexico City, a place that is already, in and of itself, an exquisite and irreplaceable hybrid.
  • Type: Residency
  • Eligibility: International
  • Categories: Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Film/Video/New Media, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture
  • Location: Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, Mexico City 03800, Mexico

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