“You think you know someone by looking at his face but what can one face say about the thousand thoughts behind those eyes.” ― Marianne Wiggins

The smile in the eyes. The curve of the lips. The diverse faces of the world provide an endless source of inspiration and intrigue for artists of any medium. These 5 artists explore the depths of human nature and the hidden stories that lie behind a human face.


Using nothing more than a standard Bic Biro pen and the backs of vintage envelopes as his canvas, London-based artist Mark Powell creates portraits of the elderly that are both delicate and profound. See more of his work here: http://www.markpowellartist.com



Originally from Salt Lake City, contemporary artist Jenny Morgan creates larger-than-life portraits of her friends and acquaintances. She delicately sands away at the canvas, scraping off the paint and exposing a hidden truth about her subjects. Explore more of Jenny’s work: http://www.jennymorganart.com



From mining sites to mountain towns, Bryan Schutmaat’s photography explores the fate of the American West - the rugged land and ragged faces of the people at the heart of a beleaguered landscape. See more: http://www.bryanschutmaat.com



Using maps as his canvas, English Artist Ed Fairburn adds depth to his drawings by bridging the unique geography of a person’s facial features to the seemingly mundane lines and curves of topographical and astrological maps. See more: http://edfairburn.com



Todd Ayers is a painter and draughtsman currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. A recent graduate of Metropolitan State University at Denver, Todd aims to “represent a unique essence of a subject's character while tapping into a universal pathos.” See more of his portraits here: http://www.toddayers.com

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