The Best Art Podcasts of 2021

Emily Zupsic | April 28, 2021 (Updated March 14, 2022)

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It’s a whole new world thanks to art podcasts.

One of learning, inspiration, community, entertainment, discovery, and beyond. 

With more podcasts being produced than ever before, especially about the arts, we are now privy to candid conversations with people from every corner of the art world—artists, gallerists, dealers, historians, collectors, curators, and enthusiasts alike. 

The curtain can finally be pulled back on so much of what has past been considered private information in an exclusive field. Now everyone can learn the multitude of ways artists can find success, the direction the art world is headed, or discover more about how it got to be that way in the first place. 

It’s a way of learning that feels more like you’ve asked a friend or colleague to coffee rather than sweating through a graded class in art school. You can hear that it’s simply ordinary people talking about what we all have in common—a love of art.

What’s more, you can find inspiration for your next piece or career, solidarity that you are not alone in your questions, fears, emotions, or career path, and assurance that everyone is just figuring it out as they go. That there’s no one recipe for success. 

Even if they are simply conversations that spark joy or invoke a hearty laugh, they’ll serve a purpose to your art practice. Whatever you need to connect with that day, the right podcast is waiting for you.

Of course with so many podcasts available these days, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. 

That's why we rounded up our top 35 favorites, so all you have to do is hit play. Check them out below:

Podcasts on art history:


What you can expect: Art history is full of fascinating stories—and host Jennifer Dasal wants to share the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful to art lovers and novices alike. Jennifer brings art history’s most fascinating questions to light: Did Van Gogh actually commit suicide? Was a British painter actually Jack the Ripper? And how did the rivalry between Michelangelo and Raphael produce one of the best works of art EVER?

What we love about it: ArtCurious is art history for all of us. This isn't your basic college lecture, droning on about archaic art terminology or the importance of linear perspective. Art history is  MUCH juicier than we realize thanks to Jennifer.

An episode to get you started: Cursed Art: The Terracotta Army

The Lonely Palette

What you can expect: Man, art history. It's so snooty. And boring. Right? Or maybe… wrong? As it turns out, art history is as interesting and accessible as its stories. Each episode of The Lonely Palette, creator and host Tamar Avishai picks an object du jour, interviews unsuspecting passers-by in front of it, and then dives deeply into the movement, the social context, the anecdotes, and anything and everything else that will make it as exciting to you as it is to her.

What we love about it: A podcast that returns art history to the masses, one painting at a time.

An episode to get you started: Episode 47: George Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte (1884)

The Sculptor’s Funeral

What you can expect: A podcast dedicated to strengthening the ties between today’s figurative sculptors and the sculptors of ages past. Art history, interviews, discussions on techniques and practices, tools and materials, and more, hosted by Jason Arkles, a practicing sculptor living and working in Florence, Italy.

What we love about it: Jason’s tagline: “Where all the great sculptors are dead, and I don’t feel well myself.” Because sculptural appreciation and knowledge should never be lost.

An episode to get you started: Episode 87 - The Colossus of Rhodes

The Great Women Artists Podcast

What you can expect: Presented by art historian and curator, Katy Hessel, The Great Women Artists Podcast interviews artists on their career, or curators, writers, or general art lovers, on the female artist who means the most to them.

What we love about it: Considering that most women artists have been practically invisible in terms of art world recognition, Katy’s ongoing explorations provide a much-needed — and long-overdue — critical take on the majority-minority. Plus, the podcast is a continuation of Katy’s electric Instagram feed, a repository of her encyclopedic knowledge with every post’s caption offering a mini art history lesson.

An episode to get you started: Elizabeth Smith on Helen Frankenthaler

Nicole Mueller and Amanda Adams, co-hosts of Beyond the Studio podcast. 

Podcasts to help your art business:

Beyond the Studio

What you can expect: A podcast about the work that happens behind the scenes for visual artists and makers. It’s how they’re supporting and sustaining themselves and their creative work. Co-hosts Nicole Mueller and Amanda Adams met while both attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. They became close friends and roommates while each navigating the start of their own creative careers post-art school. After realizing there was a gap in professional development for artists, and a lack of transparency in the art world, they started this podcast as a way to have honest conversations with artists, makers, and business experts on the business of being an artist, and dive deep into the work that happens “beyond the studio.” 

What we love about it: As artists themselves, Nicole and Amanda know how inherently resourceful, resilient, and ambitious artists are, with a unique and diverse set of skills. They want to share how other artists are connecting the dots in their practices, and demystify the process. They believe that by sharing these stories openly and honestly, artists will feel more empowered and become better equipped to live out their own creative life’s work—and their insightful interviews do just that!

An episode to get you started: Justin Anthony talks Business Fundamentals, Standing Out to Collectors, and Protecting the Legacy of Your Work

Creative Pep Talk Podcast

What you can expect: Host Andy J. Miller asks this question of his listeners: “Do you want to know how to make a good living, making great art?” If the answer is yes, then check out this podcast featuring weekly episodes to inspire your creative career. You’ll hear wisdom ranging from how to fight creative block and social media tips to designing your career and how to stop underselling yourself.

What we love about it: Whatever creative field you're pursuing, Andy is here to help you find your creative gift, develop it, and connect it to the audience that needs it most.

An episode to get you started: How to Drown Out the Noise and Find Your Creative Pulse Again

The Artist Business Plan Podcast

What you can expect: Hosted by Superfine Art Fair CEO Alex Mitow and co-founder James Miille, you’ll get practical weekly business advice for artists from industry pros, in around 30 minutes.  Each week Alex and James dive deep into the business of art with top experts in the fields of art and marketing to give artists and art entrepreneurs a never-ending stream of timeless art business tips. 

What we love about it: They’re famous for delivering the straight talk artists need to grow their businesses. 

An episode to get you started:  “Organize Your Art Career with Artwork Archive's Justin Anthony”

Art Biz Podcast 

What you can expect: Artists today are more entrepreneurial than ever. They’re breaking the rules and forging their own path, and there is much to learn from their experiences, understands Alyson Stanfield, founder of Art Biz Success and author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio. In each episode, she interviews working artists about their business successes and struggles. 

What we love about it: Guests share their career lessons with great generosity so that all artist-listeners benefit. And with over 20 years of experience in the space, not to mention a mega-successful art business coaching career and blog, Alyson helps you be a more productive artist, a more empowered artist, and a more successful artist. 

An episode to get you started: Tools to Shape Up Your Art Business with Jennifer Printz

The Thriving Artist Podcast

What you can expect: Much like its creator, the ever knowledgeable Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, The Thriving Artist podcast is all about providing business insight for working artists. Relish in insightful interviews with artists, collectors, gallerists, and other leading experts on the idea of visual art as a business.

What we love about it: Excellent art business advice, but with an informal, easily digestible style.

An episode to get you started: Virtualize Your Art Career - Part 1 and 2 - with Carolyn Edlund

The Savvy Painter

What you can expect: Ranked among the top 30 educational podcasts in the world (and with more than 840 five star reviews worldwide) the Savvy Painter podcast does more than just inspire your creative muse. Listen to top artists, authors, and visionaries share their insights, nitty gritty details about their creative process, and what really goes on behind the scenes.

What we love about it: The community feel. As host Antrese Wood acknowledges, “Artists spend enormous amounts of time alone in their studios. It's easy for them to believe their challenges are unique when in fact they are not. Fortunately, others have been there before, and by sharing these stories with other artists, we all win.” The Savvy Painter is not just a podcast, it’s a community of thousands where you can listen together, learn together, and share your resources! 

An episode to get you started: How Meditation Can Fuel Creativity: An Interview with Artist Michael Ryan

The Artist Next Level Podcast with Sergio Gomez

What you can expect: A podcast aimed to inspire artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by extraordinary Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcast features interviews with successful artists and art professionals, and just like the name suggests, provides practical advice to take your art career to the next level. New episodes weekly!

What we love about it: Complementing a plethora of resources from Artist Next Level, get your dosage of inspiration and gain insights that are a nice mix of personal stories and astute advice for your dream career as an artist.

An episode to get you started: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Dr Yanian Gomez and Sandra Felemovicius

Hashtag Authentic

What you can expect: Want to find an audience online for your creative work? Hashtag Authentic explores the secrets to online success for dreamers, makers and creatives. Tune in for analysis and interviews with trailblazing creatives for an insider's view of all things Instagram, blogging, social media and beyond.

What we love about it: With practical tips and inspiring stories, host Sara Tasker guides you through the lessons and strategies she used to grow her 300k+ audience and six-figure business online. Hashtag Authentic will equip you for the online world, dose you up on inspiration & information, and help you find your online tribe.

An episode to get you started: Understanding Instagram Trends (And how to use them for growth)


Artisans & Trade 

What you can expect: Inquisitive conversations with artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and so many more to unpack specific, frequently asked questions in their respective fields. Why?? To curate one of the best learning resources to help emerging creatives develop as professionals.

What we love about it: It's straight to the point, framed around one specific question that emerging artists and creatives want to know, and delivered in under 45 minutes. (Plus, soon it will be searchable!)

An episode to get you started: Finding Your Meaning in the Process of Making


The Inspiration Place

What you can expect: Whether you are looking for inspiration for your art or learn the perspiration of the work of art, you've come to the right podcast. Professional artist Miriam Schulman dives into topics such as social media marketing, selling art online, as well as shifting your mindset to banish your inner critic, overcome impostor syndrome, and beat the starving artist myth to the curb.

What we love about it: Not only is profiting from your passion possible but it is also common, and The Inspiration Place is here to spread the word. They talk to art world disruptors who are making 6 and 7 figures as artists busting the starving artist myth. 

An episode to get you started: Artist Journey from So-So to Sold Out with Dawn Trimble

The Messy Studio Podcast

What you can expect: Artist Rebecca Crowell shares experiences and thoughts from three decades of painting, teaching and traveling, as well as her conversations with other artists. She is joined by her co-host, producer, and son, Ross Ticknor, who brings an entrepreneurial Millennial perspective. A new episode is uploaded every weekend!

What we love about it: The conversations are broad and eclectic, focused on ideas, information and anecdotes that other artists may find helpful in their work and careers. 

An episode to get you started: Keeping Records: The Stress and Mess

The Living Artist Podcast

What you can expect: Whether you are a professional artist, just getting started in the art world, a collector of art, or just consider yourself a creative person; this podcast has something for you. It is a platform where host Preston M. Smith playfully rants and speaks with other creative people about living the life of an artist, surviving and getting ahead in the art world and enjoying life. This podcast dispels the myth of the "starving" or "tortured" artist and focuses on the positive, abundant and joyful side of living this creative life.

What we love about it: Genuine, easy to listen to, inspirational, entertaining, informative—just a few words to describe it!

An episode to get you started: No!

PleinAir Magazine

What you can expect: PleinAir Magazine publisher Eric Rhoads delves into the world of plein air painting and the outdoor painting movement, and includes a special segment for artists called the Marketing Minute.

What we love about it: Any type of artist can learn what helped others launch their careers, mistakes beginners can make, what to improve on, and more. You’ll learn what works, so you can manage your art career in the best way possible.

An episode to get you started: Mike Hernandez on Channeling Fear and More

Art Juice: A podcast for artists, creatives and art lovers

What you can expect: A podcast for artists, aspiring creatives, and art lovers. Two artists share their thoughts on art, life and everything in between. Join Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher for honest, generous, and humorous conversations that will feed your creative soul AND get you thinking.

What we love about it: Two full-time artists sharing ideas and inspiration. This podcast is humorous and fun!

An episode to get you started: Artists on Instagram: Tips and Strategies for Success [112]

A World of One’s Own

What you can expect: With a nod to Virginia Woolf's essay 'A Room of One's Own' from 1929, artist Tai Snaith has conducted a series of conversations with mid-career and emerging women and non-binary artists whom she admires. These relaxed, colloquial exchanges explore shifts and similarities that artists face in their lives and artistic practices. Together, they attempt to break down the how and why of making art. They look at physical processes and how they relate, not only to outcomes, but also connect to the unconscious or non-visual parallels and needs in our lives.

What we love about it: Notions such as self-doubt, control, meaning, shame, risk, parenthood and radicalism are some of the rich topics covered.

An episode to get you started: A Task for Many Hands (Deborah Kelly)

The Artist Entrepreneur Podcast

What you can expect: Each episode, host Catherine Orer delves deep into a juicy business topic, getting insight from artists and professional experts, and sharing her own art world experiences to offer an answer. We’d take her advice any day—she’s an award-winning Business & PR Strategist and The Artist Entrepreneur founder, after all! 

What we love about it: Catherine’s determination to dispel the starving artist myth and her ability to help creatives build the successful careers they’ve always dreamed of. It’s a mission we share in common!

An episode to get you started: Getting Your Personal Finances in Order

Bay Area artists, Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez host the comedic art podcast Waiting to Dry

Podcasts about the artistic process:

Suggested Donation

What you can expect: A podcast devoted to the arts in all forms. Hosted by two contemporary painters, Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff, the conversations provide an insight into the creative mind. By speaking with both traditional and non-traditional artists and craftsmen, curators and restorers, Tony and Edward create a dialog through which they discover common ground across disciplines and spaces united by a love of and deep devotion to skill.

What we love about it: All artists handle the creative process differently. Get a great peek into the minds of different artists and their unique philosophies.

An episode to get you started: Episode 58: Anthony Mastromatteo

Sound and Vision

What you can expect: With over 250 episodes, Brian Alfred sits down with artists and musicians in galleries and their studios to discuss their process and inspiration in their creative lives.

What we love about it: As one listener explains: “I like to listen when I’m doing busy work in the studio. Brian’s voice is gentle and easy to listen to, and he has an experienced and often poetic take on things. An enjoyable escape.”

An episode to get you started: Episode 260 / Karla Garcia


Hello, Print Friend

What to expect: With new episodes every week, "Hello, Print Friend" invites artists, activists, curators and print champions to talk about contemporary printmaking and its culture.

What we love about it: While "Hello, Print Friend" is full of interesting stories and inspiration about the craft of printmaking, two elements, in particular, stand out for us. The first is the genuine nature of the podcast—the conversations feel earnest and natural, as do the topics that are covered. 

The second is the global flavor. These conversations help printmakers feel connected to the broader print community by featuring notable artists and printmakers that introduce listeners to people, cultures, and movements around the world.

An episode to get you started: Episode 93-SWOON 


Artist Decoded

What you can expect: An unabridged documentation of conversations between artists. “In relation to the Renaissance period in art,” explains host and visual artist Yoshino, “my goal for this program is to signify a rebirth of consciousness towards the way we look at contemporary art.”

What we love about it: This podcast is dedicated to breaking down the barriers we tend to set up in our own minds, so current and future creatives are inspired to have the courage to explore, experiment, and live out their dreams.

An episode to get you started: #198: Mauro C Martinez - “Documentation Through Art”

Creative Caffeine: no agenda.

What you can expect: Listen as creator David Sherry discusses the nitty-gritty details and nuance of creating great work with the web’s favorite artists and creators.

What we love about it: no agenda. is a look under the hood of the creative mind. Episodes examine and deconstruct creative blocks and anxiety, and challenge your creative output.

An episode to get you started: James Rores – Learn to Feel Comfortable Selling


Waiting to Dry

What you can expect: Since its inception in January of 2018, Waiting to Dry is like having your two best buddies keeping you company with zingers and thought-provoking conversations about art.

What we love about it: Waiting to Dry is hosted by two artists who are experiencing similar situations to you and are able to bring some humor to the harder parts of being an artist. They also bring on new guests each week to regale us with stories of their less-than-glorious moments of life as an artist, letting us know, we are in this together.

An episode to get you started: Episode 5: Nate Van Dyke—Naked with One Sock


Podcasts on the contemporary art world:

Talk Art

What you can expect: Actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament host Talk Art, a podcast dedicated to the world of art featuring exclusive interviews with leading artists, curators & gallerists, and even occasionally their talented friends from other industries like acting, music and journalism.

What we love about it: Listen in to explore the magic of art and why it connects us all in such fantastic ways.

An episode to get you started: Pierce Brosnan OBE


What you can expect: Itching to get a better understanding of the art market? Whether it’s interviews with top auction house CEOs or founders of online art marketplaces, industry veterans share success stories and the best places to sell your art. 

What we love about it: From art market analysis to emerging art markets, ArtTactic podcasts discuss all your pressing art market questions.

An episode to get you started: Barry Avrich – Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art

Art History Babes

What you can expect: Four fresh Masters drink wine and discuss all things visual culture.  

What we love about it: Episodes include discussion and critical analysis of art historical topics fueled by alcohol and quick art history facts minus the expletives.

An episode to get you started: Social Media Criticism & Searching for the Worst in Creators

Bad at Sports

What you can expect: Bad at Sports can be tricky to describe: it acts as a curious investigator, an archivist, oral historian, and occasionally as a provocateur. They produce content that lies somewhere on the Venn diagram of art, journalism, media, intellectualism, and all the naughty bits.

What we love about it: B@S features artists and art world-ers talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and participates in it.

An episode to get you started: Naomi Beckwith

TED Talks Art

What you can expect: Some of the world's greatest artists, designers, photographers and architects showcase their work and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world.

What we love about it: Infamous TED talks, but with an artsy spin.

An episode to get you started: When the world is burning, is art a waste of time? | R. Alan Brooks

The Jealous Curator: ART FOR YOUR EAR

What you can expect: The idea behind ART FOR YOUR EAR straight from the Jealous Curator: “When I studied art history in university, my favorite part was, well, basically the gossip. I loved hearing why artists did certain things. What was going on in their personal life, stories about other artists they knew and worked with. ART FOR YOUR EAR is exactly that… inside-scoop stories from amazingly talented contemporary artists.”

What we love about it: Get to know successful artists (A.K.A. regular people with hilarious stories) before they’re in the art history books—and find some relief in your own journey along the way.

An episode to get you started: FABIOLA JEAN_LOUIS: create your own magic

Thots on Art

What you can expect: Hosted by two artists, Amir Guberstein (born in Israel and based in New York) and Przemek Pyszczek (born in Canada and based in Berlin), Thots on Art is a hilarious romp through the often absurd antics of the contemporary art world. 

What we love about it: The podcast’s confessional style feels like listening in on two gay friends gossiping, which it is, but every episode also offers an entry point into the elitist spheres of white cube galleries, prestigious art fairs and other notorious trappings of the blue-chip art world. And it’s all wrapped up with an impeccably dry and self-deprecating sense of humor reminiscent of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm

An episode to get you started: Getting Verklemp


The Modern Art Notes Podcast

What you can expect: The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly, hour-long interview program featuring artists, historians, authors, curators and conservators, where you can get a taste of all things contemporary modern art! The program has published new episodes each Thursday since 2011.

What we love about it: While the program is typically studio-based, it has taped live-audience episodes at nearly a dozen American art museums, such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center.

An episode to get you started: "Promise, Witness, Remembrance," Magic Realism

The Conversation Art Podcast

What you can expect: The Conversation Art Podcast explores the contemporary art world through conversations with a range of participants from the center to the fringes and back again. Through frank and incisive exchanges, the show sheds light on what goes on behind the scenes, whether in a studio, a gallery or in the backroom. Artists, industry professionals and students alike gain an insider’s view of these often opaque machinations at work.

What we love about it: The evolution of the show has gone from a more straight “interview” type of dynamic to ideally something far less predictable. As host Michael Shaw believes, too, the best episodes have an element of performance to them.

An episode to get you started: Epis. 290- Katarina Wong, No more FOMO (or 'I Shoulds')after the pandemic, plus renovating an apartment in Havana- part 2 of 2

99% Invisible

What you can expect: A deep dive into the origins of everything around you—zoos, city design, elevators—everything! Ever wonder how inflatable men came to be regular fixtures at used car lots? Curious about the origin of the fortune cookie? Want to know why Sigmund Freud opted for a couch over an armchair? Host and creator Roman Mars wants these often “invisible” stories to have the spotlight.

What we love about it: As an artist, inspiration hits in a variety of ways. 99% Invisible explores all the things around us that we don't think about, things that can inspire your artwork. Plus, as a designer of art or objects, it's a great place to think about how your work might affect the greater cultural landscape.  

An episode to get you started: Welcome to Jurassic Art Redux


What you can expect: A weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world with host Hrag Vartanian, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Hyperallergic. Enjoy great conversations centered around a particular issue, exhibition or event in the current art landscape.

What we love about it: A great way to catch up on news and debates related to contemporary art, given with thoughtful questions and important historical context.

An episode to get you started: The World of NFTs, Explained by Digital Artist Addie Wagenknecht

Art Attack w/ Lizy Dastin & Justin BUA

What to expect: A new kind of art podcast, join artist BUA and art historian Lizy as they debate topical art world happenings, bringing their unique—often contradictory—perspectives to the conversation.

What we love about it: Engaging, informed, accessible, and raw.

An episode to get you started: This is Not a Magritte Episode

Raw Material: A Podcast from SFMOMA

What you can expect: Raw Material is an arts and culture podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Along the way they bring you voices of artists and thinkers from around the globe who offer surprising perspectives on the world through their work.

What we love about it: Each season, they partner with a different “podcaster-in-residence” and choose a unique theme, so contemporary art is explored through a whole new lens and listeners like us are never bored. The last season, Raw Material is back in the mixtape game with a collection of episodes by some of their favorite podcasts at the moment, and season 7 should be dropping later this year!

An episode to get you started: Luvvers Episode 5: My Art is Gay

The Week in Art

What you can expect: From breaking news and insider insights to exhibitions and events around the world, the team at The Art Newspaper picks apart the art world’s big stories with the help of special guests. Ben Luke hosts, and sponsored by Christie’s.

What we love about it: The goings-on of the art world dissected in digestible episodes.

An episode to get you started: The results are in: the real impact of Covid-19 on the art market

Ready to listen in?

What are your favorite art podcasts? Share with us in the comments below.

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