How to Bring the Public to Your Art Studio

Artwork Archive | January 3, 2016 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Photo by Leora Dowling

As you put the finishing touches on your latest artwork, your glance strays to the walls and bookshelves of your art studio. They are brimming with your work, ready for the public eye. But, how are you going to get your pieces in front of the right people? A few are set to go to galleries, many are featured online, but what are you going to do with the rest?

The answer is closer to home–or studio–than you might think. Instead of focusing solely on getting your art viewed outside of your studio, bring the public to your place of work. Your art is already there, ready to be admired, and you’ll get to give interested buyers an intimate look at where you create. All you need is some event ideas and tips on getting the word out, so read on and reap the rewards.


1. Hold Open Houses

Schedule an “open house” event every month where people can visit you in your studio and see your new work. Make sure it is on the same day every month, such as the second Saturday.

2. Sign Up for a Local Open Studio Event

A quick Google search for local open studio events or tours in your area is a good place to start. You can also reach out to your local artist organizations for information. Many studio tours have an online application requirement. You can view Wood River Valley Studio Tour’s participation requirements here to get an idea of what to expect.

3. Schedule a Recurring Event

Set up a recurring event (annual, quarterly, etc.) where you offer an art lecture or demonstration to the public. You can even invite people to bring their own materials to create a piece with you. Be sure to have your work prominently displayed as well.

4. Partner with Other Artists

Set up your own open studio event with a fellow artist or artists in your area. You can either hold the event in your studio or create a studio tour map for visitors. You can share the marketing and enjoy the benefits of sharing fans.


1. Create a Facebook Event

Set up an official event on Facebook and invite all your friends or fans. Even if they don’t live in the area, they might be passing through or have friends and family who might be interested.

2. Design a Flyer and Share Online

Design a flyer on with images of your artwork and event details such as event address, date, time, and a contact email. Then share it on your artist Facebook and Twitter in the weeks leading up to the event.

3. Email an Invitation to Your Mailing List

Create an email invite using a service like and choose from one of their many free designs. Send this out a few weeks in advance, so people have time to plan their visit.

4. Share Sneak Peeks on Instagram

Share sneak peeks of your studio and new work on Instagram in the weeks leading up to your event. Be sure to include the event details in the caption. Or, you can create an Instagram image on with text, email to your phone, and upload.

5. Alert the Local Press

Local journalists are often looking for new events to share with their readers. Read this great article from Skinny Artist for more tips on reaching out to the press.

6. Send a Card to Your Best Collectors

You can create cards on websites like and featuring your art. Or, you can design the image on and print them yourself on high quality card. Send these out to your top local collectors–all the names can be stored in your Artwork Archive account.

Best of Luck!

Now you have created and marketed your event, get ready for the big day. Make sure your art studio is organized, with your best art–in a variety of prices–placed prominently throughout the room. Be sure to have places for people to sit, refreshments, business cards, and a big sign and balloons by the door, so people can find your studio.

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