The words creativity and organization don’t often go hand in hand. But let’s face it: when you are organized, you can accomplish more.

We just rolled out some new features that take the legwork out of organizing your schedule, so you can work more efficiently, and get a clear picture of your upcoming deadlines and events.

Let’s walk through some of the updates:

We know how critical it is in this business to make deadlines and stay on top of upcoming events. With so much to prioritize, we wanted to make it easier for artists to organize both their art and their time, all in one place.

You can now view all your upcoming dates and create custom reminders in “My Schedule.”

We also expanded “Shows” to include dedicated exhibition tracking, making the system even more robust and your abilities to track your work even more powerful.  You can set important deadlines for Competitions and Exhibitions and these dates will automatically go into your calendar of upcoming events.

Similar to “Competitions,” assign pieces that you will be including in each exhibition. From your schedule, you will be able to see where pieces need to be and when.

You will then be able to see a full history of each of your pieces, including location history, competition history, and exhibition history.

Every Monday you will receive a schedule of upcoming events for that week. As acclaimed painter Lori Mcnee suggests, it’s vital to your success as an artist to make a daily and weekly schedule and stick to it. We are working hard to take the heavy lifting out of managing your art career.

Now give it a try!  Log in to see your schedule.