Celebrating Arts in Education Week: An Open Letter to Art Teachers

Paige Simianer | September 8, 2023

Photo courtesy of Canva

Dear Art Teachers and Arts Educators, 

Thank you.

In the ever-evolving creativity that shapes our world, you are the guiding hands, steady voices, and unwavering advocates that foster artistic growth in your students and others you encounter. 

As we celebrate National Arts in Education Week, we take a moment to recognize and honor the remarkable individuals who have dedicated their time to nurturing the creative spirit within our communities. 

In this special week dedicated to you, the unsung heroes of the artistic realm, we at Artwork Archive want to extend our deepest gratitude and admiration for your tireless efforts. Your commitment to the arts has left an indelible mark on the world, shaping the future of society in profound and meaningful ways.

Thank you for...


Thank you for being architects of resilience.

In a world marked by constant change, your dedication to exploring creativity remains unwavering. You lay the foundation for creative thinking and inspire resilience in your students. You continue to find innovative ways to teach, connect, and inspire, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.


Thank you for your unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity. 

Art always has been (and always will be) a powerful medium for interpreting and adding to the world around us. Your ability to guide students as they discover new avenues for self-expression is incredibly important. Fostering a deep appreciation for art has a lasting impact on not only individual students but on our society as a whole. 

Artwork Archive artist Judy Gittelsohn teaching golden paints at Lenz Arts. Photo courtesy of the artist. 

Thank you for championing art as a powerful communicator.

Our world is often dominated by words, but you remind us of the profound power art has to transcend language. You help your students embrace the responsibility and privilege of being visual storytellers who can shape the way we perceive, understand, and respond to the things around us, amplifying the human experience. 


Thank you for sowing the seeds of joy and inspiration.

Your classrooms provide a respite, bringing joy and inspiration to those who may struggle to find it elsewhere. You're not just teaching your students how to draw, paint, or sculpt. Rather, you're showing them the limitless possibilities of self-expression that art offers. You empower them to find joy in the creative process; you contribute to our collective happiness. 

Artwork Archive artist Kathleen Broadrick teaching a flamingo class. Photo courtesy of the artist

Thank you for recognizing that art provides a holistic education.

Innovation is not solely born from equations and formulas; it's also informed through creative problem-solving and thinking outside the box—skills taught by you in your art classroom. You know that in regards to education, it's not about choosing between science, math, or art; it's about fostering well-rounded individuals who can thrive in a complex world. 


Thank you for shaping the future through art.

Your dedication to art education is a catalyst for the future. Your commitment to nurturing budding artists ensures that the legacy of artistry endures, shaping not only your students' experiences but the world at large. Your classrooms hold future visionaries.

Photo courtesy of Artwork Archive artist Dagmar Cyrulla

Thank you for fostering a supportive artistic community.

You are a community builder. Your classrooms are environments where creatives can come together to learn, share, and thrive. You remind us of the power of cooperation in the pursuit of artistic excellence and cultivate a space where artists can flourish not just as individuals, but as members of a vibrant network. 


Thank you for entrusting us with your mission.

Your trust in our shared mission to cultivate artistic excellence and support artists in all career stages is a beacon that guides our work. Your passion and commitment fuel our resolve to provide the resources and tools necessary to empower all artists.

So, as we celebrate Arts in Education Week, we celebrate you—the advocates of creativity. Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your love for the arts. You are the unsung heroes of education, and your impact ripples far beyond the walls of your classrooms

With deepest appreciation and utmost respect,

The Artwork Archive Team 

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