An Open Thank You Letter to Artists in 2020

Artwork Archive | November 23, 2020 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Dear Artists,

Thank you. 

It’s been a challenging year. Your contributions and perspectives make every year a better year, but we are especially thankful in 2020 for you and for the power of art in society.

It’s safe to assume that the saying “these strange times” isn’t quite able to capture the days, weeks, and months that have made up the past year. While 2020 has no doubt been “strange” and “unprecedented,” it’s harder to come up with better words that can best reflect all of our individual and yet shared experiences this year. 

That's why we wanted to thank you. 

Thank you for...

Thank you for your perseverance and flexibility.

Being able to respond, adapt to, and then thrive within difficult situations is always a part of human nature. However, being able to arrange and rearrange multiple times while under stressful circumstances in 2020 is next level superhuman nature. 

Thank you artists for continuing to create, going online, and trying new ways of being an art entrepreneur. We are thankful for you making your art accessible to us in 2020 and for proving that no matter what is happening in the world if there is a will, there’s a way.


Thank you for helping to interpret and add nuance to local, national, and international events.

While we are technically always living through history, art in 2020 was a way for us to document, understand, and relate to each other in 2020. Your art helped to highlight social issues, create dialogue, and even spur public health awareness. 

When we look back on the year 2020, your murals, masks, and COVID-19 commentaries will be at the forefront of our visual and emotional memory.


Thank you artists for offering levity and joy during stressful times.

Thank you for providing entertainment and a break from reality during our 2020 pandemic. 

Whether it was through online workshops that we attended, your virtual artist talks, or seeing art in public spaces—your artwork contributes to our happiness.


Thank you for inspiring us to be creative.

Thank you for doubling down on your creative efforts during shutdowns and quarantines and sharing your processes. 

Your artmaking helped to inspire other people to be creative. Art updates on social media, newsletters, and COVID-19 art challenges prompted us to live more fully and creatively. 

2020 produced not just amazing amateur bakers, but new creatives as well, thanks in part to you! 


Thank you for creating and sharing your art.

Your creative energy and outputs help to shape not just your experience, but ours as well. Your art tells stories and gets us thinking and relating in new ways.

Art is important to process our human experience and we appreciate the different perspectives and conversations that your art contributes.


Thank you for being a dynamic and supportive community.

In response to economic stressors, the arts community came out in force to connect and support each other with grants, opportunities, and kindness. 

Thank you for showing your colors and for having those colors be so lovely. 


Finally, thank you for trusting us to help you build your art business during this time.

You give us purpose and a reason to get out of bed each morning to do our best work. We could not do it without your support, inspiration, and thoughtful engagement with what we make. 

Our mission is to help you succeed as professional artists, and we are here for you always.


Thank you.


The Team at Artwork Archive 

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