7 More Essential Podcasts for Artists

Artwork Archive | June 3, 2016 (Updated April 12, 2021)

7 Podcasts for Artists

Time is precious when there is so much to accomplish.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” These words of wisdom by Jim Rohn ring true, especially for professional artists.

You know that learning everything you can about running an art business is important for your success, but it can be hard to fit study time into your already busy schedule.

We have the solution—listen while you work! Waste no time in making your next amazing piece while you learn a slew of new art business tips. From what to post on Instagram to how to design an art career you’ll love, check out our list of seven more essential podcasts for artists to help you save time on your way to greatness.

Clark Hulings Fund

If you are in need of some business advice from artists who have been through it all, give a listen to the podcasts on The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists. Originally created by Hulings to support artists not only in their craft, but in their business, the fund helps artists seize opportunities that will advance their career.

Learn what artists have to say about topics such as Lauren F. Adam’s tips on planning for residencies and travel or Laura Petrovich-Cheney’s advice on building a self-sustaining art career.


Art NXT Level

Just like its name, Art NXT Level aims to help artists turn their careers up a notch. Founded by artist and entrepreneur Sergio Gomez and psychologist and gallerist Yanina Gomez, these enlightening podcasts are perfect to listen to while you work in the studio.

Artist Sarvin Haghighi, for instance, shares her story about working towards a vision despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Check out artists’ insights that are a nice mix of personal stories and astute advice for your dream career as an artist!


PleinAir Magazine [Outdoor Painter]

Interested in hearing about the career paths of other artists? Want to know their keys for success? PleinAir Magazine’s podcasts provide an in-depth look at plein air artists’ experiences. Any type of artist can learn what helped others launch their careers, mistakes beginners can make, what to improve on, and more.

Artist Jane Hunt even shares her steps on how she built her Facebook page to 120,000 followers. You’ll learn what works, so you can manage your art career in the best way possible.


Artist Mastermind Podcast with Natasha Wescoat [Art Career Academy]

Curious why your art doesn’t sell? Or, wondering how to take on the daunting task of approaching art galleries? Art Career Academy has got you covered. It’s founder, Natasha Wescoat, coaches artists on how to navigate the business side of their work. Whether you crave specific tips for art marketing or help running an art business as a whole, listen up and learn what your art business needs to thrive.


Suggested Donation

Delve deep into the creative mind during this podcast hosted by contemporary painters Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff.

During interviews with artists of all kinds, Suggested Donation reveals common ground that can unite all artists through a devotion to their craft. Take a look at the podcast and learn how different artists handle the creative process and their artist philosophies.



Art Answers & Ampersands

If you want some great art business advice, look no further than Lezley Davidson’s podcast. In short, she teaches creatives to learn how to “business.”

Find over 100 podcast episodes about everything under the art business sun, such as revenue streams, testing and tweaking your art marketing, and setting up your email list in MailChimp. It sounds like we’ve hit the art biz jackpot!


Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Andy J. Miller asks this question of his listeners: “Do you want to know how to make a good living, making great art?” If the answer is yes, then check out this podcast featuring weekly episodes to inspire your art career. You’ll hear wisdom ranging from social media tips and pricing your work to designing your career and how to stop underselling yourself.

Now give these podcasts a listen!

Time is of the essence when running an art business. You have art to create, archive, promote, and sell, all while trying to balance your work and personal life. So where do you fit in time to learn and improve? Podcasts are the perfect solution because you can listen to them while making art in the studio. From learning about art marketing to career paths, be efficient and improve your art business strategy one podcast at a time.

Want to listen to more great art business podcasts? Check out 7 Essential Podcasts for Artists.

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