35 Artists on Why They Chose Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive | October 11, 2018 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Hear from other artists on why the chose Artwork Archive to manage their art inventory and business. 

Have you heard Artwork Archive mentioned by other artists in conversation, maybe the occasional Facebook group, or in shared articles online, but still don’t know what it’s all about? Or, the bigger question, whether it’s right for your art business?

Here’s the scoop! Artwork Archive is an online art inventory management system that acts as an all-in-one solution for running your art business.

Artists can manage every important details of their business, including artworks’ locations, show dates, sales, contact information, reports, documents, insights, and even your schedule with Artwork Archive’s powerful online tool.

It’s basically your online studio assistant when it comes to keeping your art studio organized.

See what these 35 artists had to say about why they can’t live without Artwork Archive:

It gets you organized

Artwork Archive tracks your artwork, shows and galleries.

"I started out with Artwork Archive from day one, and when I got over 12 paintings made, I was glad I did! It keeps almost everything other than your actual painting organized. I find it extremely helpful when having several paintings waiting for jury results, others at a gallery, some at the framer, and other paintings traveling with me. I have seen quickly when I was in the above situation just how valuable this program is!” - Barb Zipperer

Large inventories are finally organized with ease

“I really appreciate this product. I have around 400 paintings and Artwork Archive keeps me organized and sane!” - Steffanie Lorig

All your business details are stored in one place

"I now know where every painting is, where it has been in the past, who purchased what, and all the contact information for all my galleries and collectors easily accessible in one place." - Wendell Myers

A little effort goes a long way

"Artwork Archive even makes me seem super professional. I am a mess when it comes to this stuff. It is so damn cool. And totally worth it. It takes a little bit of due diligence to add in all of your work and stuff, but if you get in the habit of doing that it really helps with reports, inventory, photos, shows, resumes, all of it. It’s super dope." - Joshua Coffy

It provides streamlined record-keeping for your business

“With Artwork Archive I can quickly find any of my pieces and not just by inventory number, but by location, collection, recently updated, on and on. It's an inventorying system that can be as deep and detailed as one needs. And since I am a visual artist, having the inventory photos gets me to my pieces even faster—often with a simple visual scan down the column. Artwork Archive has streamlined my record-keeping and helped me become more consistent AND more confident. The underpinnings matter! I can quickly see where a work is located and where it has BEEN located.” - Liz Crain

It helps to connect and impress art collectors quickly

"Artwork Archive has helped make it a breeze to show collectors my available work with images, pricing and all the important information—fast!" - Brenda Stumpf

Artwork Archive helps you manage all aspects of your art business

It's the most powerful solution for inventory management

"I have never seen a better organized, inclusive art inventory program that offers so much more than just inventory. Can't imagine living without it. I groan when I see artists still using their own Excel Spreadsheets. And you care! You respond! You keep getting better and better! You are the best out there!" - Susan Helen Strock

It's like a behind-the-scenes studio assistant

“What the viewers and buyers don’t see is all the online inventory and sales tools the platform provides in the background. Artwork Archive is one of the hardest working members of my art business team! #teamwork" - Terrill Welch

Artwork Archive is an all-in-one solution for managing your art career

“Loving this tool! I am getting so organized, and going forward having everything in one place is going to be SO helpful! I call it my mothership." - Trine Churchill

It's a database designed just for artists

"Artist friends! Once upon a time, with the goal of trying to keep my art organized, I tried this service called Artwork Archive. I've been using it for over a year now and it has helped me keep track of my art, pricing, agreements with galleries, the history of where each piece has shown, and more. I really believe in this company and it's rare to find a service that is designed just for artists to use. I can't recommend Artwork Archive enough. It’s ‘supes profesh.’” - Rebecca Chaperon

It's more powerful and beneficial than a spreadsheet

"I’ve been so happy with Artwork Archive and can’t believe I used to use (or tried to use) spreadsheets to keep track of everything!" - Rebecca Woodhouse

Artwork Archive thinks of all the small stuff

“Just a thank you note. There was an exhibit I really wanted to get into, but didn't (happens all the time to everyone, I know). But the deadlines, etc. kept popping up on my Schedule page. So I went into the show and indicated "not accepted" and you guys made it magically disappear from my schedule from here on. Thank you for thinking of the little details!" - Julia R. Berkley

The platform is the backbone to running an art business

"I invested in this just over a year ago. I couldn’t live without it now. It makes life so much easier especially if you have work in different galleries and online. It works really well for me." - Louise Luton


Artwork Archive saves you time on administrative tasks

It helps you gain time back for creating art

"I love Artwork Archive. It saves me hours every month!" - Poppy Balser

Artwork Archive is a built-in team member

"I have all my artwork on Artwork Archive. It's like having an assistant who manages my inventory!" - Nadine Robbins

The team answers questions quickly 

"Yesterday, I was asked how much I wanted to insure my work for in the new studio… Boom! In 20 seconds, I knew the answer of how much work would be there. It makes inventory, sales records, etc. so simple. Totally recommend this program." - Linda Richicci

The pre-formatted PDF reports put hours back into your day

“You have taken hours of computer work off my plate with the Consignment and Portfolio Pages reports.” - Andy Braitman

It makes managing your art business is a breeze

“I can’t tell you how much I love Artwork Archive.  You have saved me time and energy, and everything is so easy!” - Nancy Hartley

Artwork Archive helps you run your business like a pro

“I honestly would be a hot mess in my business without you.” - Teresa Haag


It makes present your art professionally a breeze

Always appear professional

"The Public Page capability has rocketed my ability to share my work in one beautiful location. I consider it my simple and outstandingly professional looking electronic ‘calling card.’” - Liz Crain

Keep your online presence instantly up-to-date

“The Public Page is an invaluable tool! What I love is that unlike other portfolio sites, this one comes right from the inventory data, so it’s always up-to-date!” - Rebecca Crowell

Integrate your Public Page with your artist website

"My love affair with all you do continues to grow! Wix integration is a dream come true! Thank you!" - Lisa Cirenza

Present your artwork with pre-formatted reports

"I get asked why I am in love with Artwork Archive. There are SO many reasons... here is just one. Today I am shipping a piece to a gallery and need to include a consignment sheet. Super easy; so professional; everyone wins!" - Lori Putnam

Share your art with buyers across the world

"If you haven't yet come across Artwork Archive I can highly recommend it to archive your work, record your sales, etc.—and you get your own Portfolio page so that you can reach potential buyers and direct them to your website/shopfront. Super nice and helpful staff team too!" - Jane Elizabeth Cullum


It's affordable and easy to use

It's so easy you’ll actually want to stay organized

“I love Artwork Archive, it’s so user-friendly that I find it easy to keep updated... my only regret is that I didn’t start using it years ago!” - Haidee-Jo Summers

Artwork Archive gets you organized in the click of a button

"I love the program – it’s so easy to use, but provides a very professional inventory system. You can see with the click of a button what work is in which gallery." - Carrie Kaufman

It takes the pain out of admin work

"If artists knew how much easier it would make their future endeavors, they would sign up today!" - Randy L. Purcell

It's simple to use

“I've tried so many types of inventory systems but they were complicated or inadequate. Artwork Archive has it all and is so simple to use." - Brenda Boylan

It's intuitive for artists and non-techies

“I love it! I am telling all my art friends about it! It is so easy! Btw, I have tried other systems, and lost interest because it was too much of a struggle! Artwork Archive is so simple and looks great!! Just thrilled! - Nancy Hartley

Artwork Archive is an affordable solution

“I am very much thankful for your consistent responsiveness and attentiveness to questions and suggestions I've had. This archive has been such a great/useful tool for what I am working on... it is better than anything I had ever hoped to find and it's incredibly affordable.” - Monica Rourke

It's cost-effectie, easy-to-use and has great support

"If you value your time and are managing a large inventory, this program is for you. Any aspect of an art business is addressed. I researched many programs before selecting this one. I selected Artwork Archive because I felt it was cost-effective, easy to use, and the technical support is excellent." - Carol Ann Kapheim


It's an artist-driven company that listens to artists

They consider artist feedback in product development

“Artwork Archive works closely with artists to keep improving at no additional cost to you. The site just gets better and better." - Lisa McShane

They are responsive to artist suggestions

“I've been using Artwork Archive for some time and it's excellent software. I love that you are responsive to suggestions and committed to making it better, yet simple to use. That's not an easy feat in a complexity-driven world! Thanks!” - Philip Frey

Artwork Archive is always improving

"I want to commend you guys for growing an already outstanding product and continuing to add features that help me manage and grow my art practice." - Marshall Harris

They have a blog dedicated to helping artists succeed (which you are reading right now!)

“I find your software and your articles indispensable. Whoever writes your articles is always so caring in a genuine way.” - Joi Murugavell

There is a live on-site chat for help and support

“I really appreciate your accessible support and willingness to engage in dialogue and consider suggestions. Makes me feel great about my choice to work with Artwork Archive.” - Joanne Hopper

Artwork Archive has exceptional customer service

“Love what you all are doing AND please continue to have great customer service!” - Krista Reuter


Want to see what all the hype is about?

We at Artwork Archive believe that with a little organization, artists can be successful and make a living doing what they love. Artwork Archive gets your art business organized in a snap, so you can focus on what you truly love—creating art.

Try Artwork Archive for free.

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