Y. Hope Osborn

Cathedral of St. Andrew's Church on the historic registry for Little Rock, AR need not "aspire" to anything as it has reached a pinnacle of intriguing architecture.

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, is a historic church and the oldest place of continuing worship in the city. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Little Rock. The property is located at the corner of South Louisiana Street and West 7th Street in downtown Little Rock.

It was built by the architect Thomas Harding, dedicated in 1881, and the tallest facade completed in 1887.

Most of my art is inspired by the impressiveness of the detail of heritage architecture itself. I heighten those aspects people pass every day without noticing to remind us of our inherent need for artistic creativity even in functional building.

Aspire reaches great heights and the 24x16 gallery wrapped canvas gives it the expanse it needs to represent a reality complicity with towering cloud formations in the background.

Web Licensing: https://www.artmajeur.com/en/yhosborn/artworks/13479491/aspire

  • Subject Matter: Processed Black and White Architecture 2019
  • Collections: Architecture
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