Virginia Fleck

Reflect and Resound

  • Welded Aluminum, Stainless Steel Mirrors
  • Virginia Fleck
  • Sold

Virginia Fleck’s Reflect and Resound are a pair of sensory play-house sculptures that are located in the daycare facility of Austin’s Women and Children’s Shelter. Reflect is a walk-in kaleidoscope that engages each child to discover their own reflection as a mandala. Resound is a sound-hood that invites children to make and listen for sounds from nearby child-height jewel-flowers or listen for birdsong from the ten-foot jewel-flower that reaches up into the canopy of an oak tree. Fleck’s Reflect and Resound is a space for children to create an extraordinary experience with their bodies and voices through their own ordinary movements and sounds.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract
  • Collections: Public Art
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