Terrill Welch

Centuries of Seasons Heritage Road PEI

  • walnut oil on wood
  • 24 x 30 x 1.5 in
  • Terrill Welch
  • Sold

Centuries of Seasons might be said to have begun on a drive down the Currie Heritage Road on Prince Edward Island, Canada in May 2016.

It might be said that I only trust my brushes today and not my own words and convictions. This is true, though it is not uncommon, I would think, to seek the experience of wise counsel when processing ones own experiences.

It might be said too that I have begun with the first trees I ever painted. This likely is equally true because to know a tree well enough to paint it is to spend years in its company.

It might be said that the centuries of seasons in this painting have no beginning and no ending. This too is true as we can observe that the road has worn away from years of passage over its red dirt surface.

Regardless of what might be said, this is where the painting has come to rest with its centuries of seasons.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape
  • Created: November 11, 2016
  • Inventory Number: TW1410O
  • Collections: East Coast Landscapes
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