Tana Hensley

Abstract Collage

  • Resin
  • 24 x 20 x 1.5 in
    (60.96 x 50.8 x 3.81 cm)
  • Tana Hensley
  • Sold

2-Dimensional Resin Coated Painting 20"x24" on a Birch Wood Panel - Original Art

This piece was made for a modern style home that needs that bright, bold, vibrant piece that just stands out the minute you see it, making it the focal point in any space you hang it.

It was so fun making this piece, using the exciting colors to create a random abstract 2-dimensional piece of special art. It radiates energy, positivity, happiness, excitement! This is a collage piece using 2 layers of resin. One on the background alone, a second coat when I added the collage pieces. This is topped off with a final coat of resin for that flawless crystal clear glass look.

This piece was created using a birch wood panel as the substrate. I created a background on yupo paper using the highest professional grade alcohol inks, ultra-fine glitters and mounted them onto the background giving the layered 2-D look.

Layered with many coats of Krylon Varnish Spray to ensure these bold colors are bold for decades as well as several coats of Archival Protectant for a double protectant and lastly, the art resin brand I use is specifically used by professional artists and guarantees no yellowing and includes a UV protectant. So this will stay beautiful for decades and decades.

This is a beautiful piece for a modern home. I picture this on a white wall with light-colored furniture and something like this allows you to introduce enough bright colors that create a simple modern white or light color schemed room into something classic and impressionable. You could even add a few of my 4"x4" blocks with similar bold colors to accessorize.

Can hang horizontally or vertically.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract Collage
  • Created: c. July 2019
  • Inventory Number: Resin_Art_By_Tana_002
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