The Supreme Court of Ohio

The first ceiling mural located in the courtroom. Indiana is the first state represented at the north end (front) of the ceiling. Flora, center, represents both the fertility of the soil and the virtue of the citizenry. In her right hand she holds a set of scales representing justice and the pharmaceutical industry. Sitting on her hip is a cherub with a torch symbolizing enlightened youth. Below her, a cherub reaches for a tobacco plant growing out of Kentucky. The male figure in the lower right corner holding a circle and calipers represents Indiana industry. Flora is facing east toward three floating female figures with outstretched arms “bearing tribute,” representing Indiana’s agricultural, industrial, and pharmaceutical trades with the rest of the nation. To the west are workers on a steel girder.

  • Subject Matter: Group Scene
  • Created: 1933
  • Current Location: Floor 1 - Courtroom
  • Collections: Murals, Paintings
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