Summit County Public Art

Painted in 1956, Fred Stonebraker's untitled oil on panel painting of a small stone building is significant to the county in that it depicts the First Church in Coalville, also known as the Old Rock School House, which was built by settlers in 1864. Construction of the building was a community-wide effort, and it was used for church services, meetings, and also as a school. The structure functioned as a dance hall until the 1930s. The painting has a gentle watery feel and a vibrant palette. The primary colors of the piece seem to nod to the structure's schoolhouse historyƑ the saturated blue sky, red roof, flashes of yellow, and swaths of green seem almost to have been picked from a basic box of children's crayons.

Fred Stonebraker was a native of Coalville, Utah and an active artist in the community. He frequently designed signs and posters for local events, including the Summit County Fair for which he created work for years. He painted scenery for local musical programs and dramatic productions. He is also known for a beautiful version of the Last Supper that he painted for the Hoytsville church.

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