Sawyer Rose


  • Wood, brass, silver leaf, silver solder, rope
  • 140 x 120 x 10 in
  • Sawyer Rose

Renée is a nationally and internationally known sculptor and contemporary artist who has received numerous prestigious awards and whose work is in the collections of America's top museums. Still, even with this level of success in her field, she struggles with keeping up with her paid work plus all the unpaid tasks required to run her business and her life.

If you find this surprising, consider that on average, women visual artists they earn 74¢ for every dollar made by male artists, and black women working in all fields earn on average 65¢ for every dollar made by white men. 1

In Renée’s sculpture, solid wood boxes represent paid labor hours and wireframes represent unpaid labor hours, as unpaid labor often goes unseen and unrecognized. Open spaces represent hours when Renée was doing anything other than working.

1 Source: National Endowment for the Arts

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