The Seven Deadly Sins

  • Acrylic on Gallery Profile Canvas
  • 72 x 144 x 2 in
  • Ronda Richley

A masterpiece of art, this seven panel work can be hung with edges touching, spaced a couple inches apart or separately, however they are only available as the set of seven with their signage.

These paintings are based on the Inferno by Dante, and depict the human sins being punished in the trees. Dante and Virgil can be seen on the mountaintop in the first panel before entering hell.

Each panel measures 24″ x 72″, totaling 14 foot by 6 foot when hung with edges touching, without the signs. Each sign is hand lettered by the artist. Each individual original painting is created on gallery profile canvas with the edges painted. The art requires no frame and the artist recommends the series to be hung with 3″ between each painting, and, of course, without any frame.

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