Murder Among the Oaks

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 40 x 30 x 1 in
  • Ronda Richley

Original Acrylic Painting by Ronda Richley, created on canvas, measuring 30″x40″. Edges are painted with the colors from the painting.

“Well, you know by now that I am a “tree hugger” and that there is always a message in each of my paintings. Sometimes it is obvious, and yet you must, as the viewer, add your own interpretation and come to your own conclusion.

I was in the UK on vacation, taking one of my my usual walks through the parks and woodlands as they are so colorful and lovely. As walking around a particular park, I happened upon a sight that I hoped never to see in a public park. Amidst all the wonderful trees, was a tree that had been taken down by what I assumed was a chain saw massacre. The pieces of this tree were left laying around, with no apparent reason to cut down this tree. There is limited lightning in in the UK, so it could not have been that. The trunk of the tree that remained looked healthy. So then why? And why is the murderer still lurking in the background?

Of course I have no REAL answer to this. Maybe they were just thinning out the forest BUT….just don’t know. For my perspective, it is a Murder Among the Oaks. Depicted in the painting are the other trees, alarmed by this sight and hoping they are not next. They cannot get away. They can only gasp in horror.

There is light coming into the area from the Heavens, pointing out the atrocity as well as indicating that the spirits are being taken to heaven. Whether this is a believable story or not, it is mine put here for you to consider, enjoy, or not give it a passing thought.” –Ronda

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