Rebecca Prince


  • oil on canvas
  • 14 x 14 in
    (35.56 x 35.56 cm)
  • $150.00
  • Rebecca Prince

This self-portrait identifies my vulnerabilities and speaks about embracing everything that makes me who I am. The good, the bad and the stuff I don’t fully understand.

My feet play a huge part in who I am. I have a hereditary skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex. I do not have the proper protein anchors to keep the layers of my skin connected. That means that heat and friction cause sores equivalent to a third-degree burn to appear, specifically on my hands and feet. Most of my life I didn’t know the specifics of the disorder but it has affected every decision I make including my recreational activities, my job and not having children. Today I understand it much better and have a lifestyle that keeps it mostly under control.

  • Subject Matter: Portrait
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