Rebecca Bangs

Family Time

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 12 x 48 x 0.75 in
  • Rebecca Bangs

Hiking a lovely marshy area here in the Bay Area on a last minute school assignment for the boy, we wandered across a lovely field of waving grass. The gentle breeze across our faces brought the lovely smells of dry grasses and native flowers. We paused frequently to take in the birds and beautiful views, giving ourselves permission to take all of the time we needed.

Across the long fields we watched idly as 4 horses meandered by. The shortest rider at the end of the line was being patiently guided by someone on foot as the more experienced riders went on slowly ahead. The front riders would stop and let their horses nibble at the swaying grasses, waiting quietly for the last members of the group.

This set of 4 paintings gives voice to that lovely afternoon of togetherness. If you look really closely, you can find the riders making their guest appearance.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape
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