Molly Coy

Narrative - Nullarbor 66

  • Artist's Book - leather & paper
  • 33 x 40 x 3 cm
  • Molly Coy
  • Sold

Ideas and text from my Nullarbor journal.
Painted pages - acrylic on paper, reworked and polished.
Original prints - 1x Intaglio, drypoint acrylic plate. 1x Monoprint.
Mould made and decorative papers.
Hand (signature) sewn book block.
Cover - Handworked Kangaroo Leather yapp binding.
In 1966 two city kids (19 & 22years old) went looking for adventure and ended up rabbit trapping for a contractor on the Nullarbor plain near the Trans Pacific Railway line. It was a defining life experience.

Narrative - Nullarbor 66
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