Marilyn A. Walter



There are many key components behind the Conversation Pieces -Series. The first begins with the open invitation to engage with the touchable, text painted readymade objects. The interactive installations are to be touched and shared. The installation instigates unexpected conversation opportunities for friends, family, or strangers. The challenge to the audience is to switch gears to “Touching the Art” vs “Please Don’t Touch the Art.” The second incorporates readymade objects selected to support the concept of appealing to multiple levels of utilization. Regardless of the form, whether it is a Gymnasium cube, an Astroturf mat or a chair cushion, each can be viewed as a solitary unit or in multiples. The third component involves my collection of text words taken from shared, personal and public conversations. I began this text collection three years ago, seeing variations of new word combinations when changing the spelling, adding numbers, or abbreviations. The fourth is the audiences’ participation or responses to connecting, collaborating, or interacting with one another. I provide opportunities for viewers to experience moments of self-reflection and engage in spontaneous and ongoing face-to-face conversations in community spaces. Participants are invited to reveal thoughts, feelings, words, ideas, or other expressions, using the artwork. This results in the opportunity to leave their sentiments as part of the installation for future private and public contemplation and examination. The varied audience responses are integral to engage them in the evolving process creative experimentation and expression. In the Difference Between Them Series, the Text cubes are starting points to allowing participants to engage and connect. The intent is to prompt conversations between the blind and the sighted. Participants are brought together to engage with the art while learning and sharing their insights about texting and Braille.
INSTALLATION - The Difference Between Them detail
INSTALLATION - The Difference Between Them
INSTALLATION - A Short History
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