Kerry Shaw

"Beppu Over Iguazu" Japanese hot spring and Brazilian waterfall grass, 2011

  • Pigment Print
  • Kerry Shaw

Water Brother is a series dedicated to my brother Stuart, who died in 2001.

These images are part of an ongoing series of landscapes and waterscapes captured on and near lakes, rivers and oceans. Combined images from Paraguay, Aruba, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Cuba, USA and all over Canada. I’ve learned to rearrange my longing for my departed brother, by celebrating his existence through epic imagery. I now see him in all forms of waters’ change. He is part of the cycle, a body gone back to the molecular beginnings we all come from. He is a shape shifter and these are my visual meditations. The images presented here are made up of multiple layers and combinations of captures, sculpted together to create a larger story.

Each detailed nuance and gesture of cloud and waters’ surface is a character. They are carefully painted into a choreographed, waterscape dance. When all images are hung in a strategic row, they align into their own wave pattern.

  • Subject Matter: landscape
  • Created: 2012
  • Inventory Number: 2009-KS-WB-BEPPU
  • Reproductions: Available
  • Collections: Water Brother
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