Gwen Meharg

Tipping Point Diptych

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 48 x 72 x 2 in
  • $4,500.00
  • Gwen Meharg

The last painting of 2017. I finished just shy of midnight.

I was in physical therapy while I was working on this painting. After a session with super PT Chuck my shoulder felt great and I went home and painted for 13 straight hours! At the next PT session, I told him how I lost track of time painting and all the sudden it was 3:51 a.m. Chuck asked me what the painting was about. I burst out laughing, "BALANCE!"

Oops! It is so easy for me to miss the mark. It is hard to put the art away and focus on family and the business. Working from a home studio makes slipping back to the work after everyone goes to bed.

The balance I am looking for in 2018 is to get enough sleep and more time with my family and anytime with friends.

This painting did not come easy. It began as a completely organic painting and all the sudden a geometric structure began to emerge. I began with an intention of balance and I am thrilled with the outcome. This painting needs room to breathe. Tipping Point creates a space for conversation, good stories, and abundant laughter.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract Conceptual
  • Collections: Balance
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