Gwen Meharg

My Favorite Window

  • Mixed Media
  • 34 x 44 in
  • $2,500.00
  • Gwen Meharg

This is the magical view from my studio window. This crepe myrtle marks the seasons for me. It is the grid through which I watch the world.

Skeletons captures the seasons of unobstructed view. Seasons of seeing from afar.

Soon enough the leaves and blossom arrive I am forced to leave my creative sanctuary to see up close and personal.

We all seek balance.

The sewing in the painting hearkens back to the days when women were limited in their access to fine art materials. Rather than giving up they chose to work with what was available and often that was a needle and thread. Stitching is incorporated in other paintings, but this was the first time I included sewing in a painting.

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