Fulton County Public Art Program

The Library Panels

  • Stainless steel (2 panels)
  • 36 x 144 x 72 in
    (91.44 x 365.76 x 182.88 cm)
  • Ayokunle Odeleye

Collection: Public Art Commissions x

These hand-formed, stainless steel panels flank the entrance of the library mimicking gates to an ancient temple. The carefully sculpted representational images and abstract forms within these panels relate to universal truths about academic ideals and learning. The book in the center unfolds as the source of knowledge and wisdom. Symbols coming forth from the center suggest history, culture, anthropology, math, the sciences, and the study of nature. This diversity of subjects corresponds to the scope of information found within a library’s doors, and in turn, informs visitors of the wonderful things that are gained by entering and reading. Odeleye’s use of symbols also speaks to a more universal history of humankind: the family, community, and African history and culture.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract
  • Created: 2000
  • Inventory Number: PA.2000.2
  • Current Location: Adams Park Library - 2231 Campbellton Rd. SW Atlanta , GA 30311 (google map)
  • Collections: Public Art Commissions
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