Surface #6

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 8 x 10 x 0.75 in
  • $145.00
  • Dirk Guidry

Surface was a collaboration piece involving my large scale painting, body painting, and choreographed dance. The performance originated from a dancer being blended into one of my paintings, which she then emerged and danced in correlation with my brushstrokes. The project went much further and became part of a ticketed theater event that ran for three separate nights.

Influenced by the variety of surfaces which we often paint on and wear, the painting and performance focused around where we locate one's "humanness". The painting color palette and composition was created while the choreography was being produced, heavily influenced by the 7 dancers that were in the company.

The original "Surface" painting was such a success, that a continuation of the series was destined to follow. The color palette selection was based on a cold sunrise which resonated perfectly with the production of the performance.

  • Framed: 9.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 in
  • Subject Matter: abstract
  • Collections: Surface
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