Christine Rasmussen

Iridescent Semblance

  • Oil on canvas
  • 30 x 40 x 1.5 in
  • Christine Rasmussen
  • Sold

"IRIDESCENT SEMBLANCE" combines my love of stories with my artistic influences, which tend towards the abstract - like Hopper, Diebenkorn and Theibaud.

This painting strikes a hopeful tone for me – I see that in this heightened color palette – an acceptance that life is full of both uncertainty and possibility. For me, this painting feels like coming after a storm; we still feel its effects, and know there’s a mess to clean up, but we are warmed by the golden sunlight and able to breathe in the spaciousness of the open sky.

Using imagination as a way to get through these strange and challenging times, I took creative liberties with the title. I’m using “iridescent” in the sense of a lustrous effect. I see that in this brilliant color palette. “Semblance” refers to the façade, a common motif in my work. I like the sense of mystery, how there’s more than meets the eye. Also, semblance is included in the word resemblance, and I like the idea that viewers can bring their own experience into the piece, if it reminds them of, or resembles something that they’ve seen before.

  • Subject Matter: Urban landscape
  • Created: 2021
  • Collections: 2020-21: And...
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