• Oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 24 x 48 in
  • Charlie Hunter

I know, I know. John Deeres are the tractor with the biggest fan base. So sue me. I'm a Farmall guy. What can I say? For one, my uncle was an International Harvester salesman. For another, Farmall tin has the slightest hint of streamline moderne - the styling of legendary industrial designer Raymond Lowey - to break up the resolutely practical purposes to which they were built. And thirdly, there are STILL a bunch of gritty, greasy, gorgeous Farmalls, some nearly eighty years old, toiling away out there. As someone from New England, where fields can be pretty hilly, I'm not a real fan of a row-crop front end as a practical matter; but aesthetically, I love 'em. In terms of painting this, what I was trying to do was to leave out as much detail as I could whilst making it look like I was putting in oodles of the stuff.

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