Helix Oculi

  • Tiger Bamboo, fused glass, waxed linen thread
  • 67 x 17 x 17 in
    (170.18 x 43.18 x 43.18 cm)
  • Charissa

Helix Oculi is made from black bamboo, called Phyllostachys Nigra Bory, or Tiger bamboo, gathered from the Portland region, and fused glass elements made in my studio. The shape of the bamboo elements in the piece, the long split lengths of bamboo, are made using a 5 part traditional splitting technique. This piece stems from a long line of spirals made over the last 15 years. The idea started with a very simple sea shell shape. Each time I made a spiral shaped piece over the years I have seen the potential to explore the form in a more elaborate way. Helix Oculi is an exploration in how many times I can let the form loop down into a spiral. It follows Spiral Penna, which has fewer spirals but has elements closer together. A slight variation in the thickness of the materials, the tightness of the curve of the material, or the spacing can entirely change the form. The addition of glass to the form is newer, within the past 5 years. What is wonderful about adding the glass is that I am able to add further pattern and depth to the spiral shape. My use of the spiral, cocoon, or seed pod form, predates working with bamboo and glass, and harkens back to an early childhood memory of finding a chrysalis of a locust in the ground. I had no idea what it was I had unearthed was so struck by the mystery of the small being that it has been showing up as a theme since I could first draw.

  • Created: 2014
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