A Long Shadow

  • Various weathered woods and glass.
  • 52.5 x 52.5 x 4 in
  • aaron d laux

The title of this artwork refers to the impact human life has had on this planet especially as we enter the new Anthropocene epoch. Amidst the overwhelming realization of the magnitude of the destructive qualities our species has on the environment we live in, I look to the past to understand our present. Before we assumed this god like status, we were subject to the immediate conditions in our natural world, living as part of the system in a relative balance. The illusion is that we are beyond nature when in fact we are now just the biggest influencer yet subject to the dangers of a system out of balance. As with all my art I choose to examine these hard truths while also envisioning an optimistic future in which we find ways to treat each other and the environment around us with respect. By learning to love nature we can take a step towards a more harmonious relationship with all life.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract, free form, landscape, nature inspired
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