Protect Your Public Art: Collection Management Best Practices with Artwork Archive

In this webinar you'll learn simple and effective strategies to organize, manage and showcase your public art collection using a CMS.


As a public art manager, you're juggling a lot—RFQs, selection panels, marketing, community engagement, conservation, etc.

At Artwork Archive we help public art programs organize, manage and showcase their art. We're excited to share some of the best practices we've gathered from working with incredible programs like 4Culture, Nebraska Arts Council, Children's Hospital Colorado and San Diego International Airport.


You'll come away from this 30-minute webinar with tools and knowledge to:

• Track art inventory and locations

• Record purchases, donations, and de-accessions

• Create maintenance records

• Safeguard images and documents

• Produce reports and communications

• Share and market your collection

• Upload and migrate your data

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